The history of Fan Heat Map is tied to the work of Help Earth Foundation (HEF) and Social Media Emergency Response (SMEM). At a Tech@State event in February of 2011 during the fall of Egypt HEF Founder- Nelson Jacobsen was inside the State Department’s Warroom and heard Saad Khan give a presentation, (photo above is from it) and something Saad said sparked a correlation between social media use and music.  Specifically how to use it for predictive shopping feedback, the Clicks, to figure out which Bricks, the stores, to pitch a release.

And, by July of 2011 FanHeatMap.com BuyingThis.net when from concept to operational.

Early on Altavoz Distribution realized that getting the artists, bands, and groups  engaged in what was traditional a promotions or marketing groups function to directly advocating to their fans — tell us what, where and how they wanted to be buying this…

By the time former BadBoy, recording Artist’s Dawn Richard, came to Altavoz our ability to use what was at the time open source crowd tools and her legions of fans to move pass guessing at where to pitch the release and where her solo tour needed to focus upon.

Screenshot 2015-06-06 08.08.20

The end results are a case study on Digital | Physical | Global sales; Since Goldenheart could prove to foreign distributors that there was indeed a Fan Heat Map for it. In 2013 Dawn torn up the music charts with pinpoint distribution to retailers, and out of the total physical inventory ordered Altavoz had less than 9% returns.


Today Altavoz‘s plans for Fan Heat Map go far beyond the music to many offerings and it’s also part of a music large strategy we like to call the Future of Supply Chain Management Today.


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