Fan Heat Mapping

Having pioneered the use of fan heat mapping; Altavoz and partners in creations, manufacturing, wholesale and retail environment can now “Lock On” a band, product or service before one item, sku or order is placed on store-shelves. Simply* by mapping the intensity of buyer seller relationship’s. This ability ensures that sell thought distribution is always the game plan vs the standard you guess it it will stick and heres some money plan.  Altavoz relaunched in 2011 with the focused getting someone to be Buyingthis versis gaining likes and friends.

Coming from a non major entertainment company it was viewed in the past as a big risk. Altavoz knew it needed to be able to move overwhelmed buyers to see the value in taking on AltaArtist’s releases.

Altavoz’s predictive shopping signal -that someone what coming into their store specifically!!! Aka Buying This(TM turned out to be the golden ticket that helped Altavoz record in 2013 two Top 25 billboard charting releases( on coffee budget of the Majors).



In Altavoz’s 2nd year in existence to be able to directly open to enough digital and physical outlets to record chart top release has never been done before an might not be repeatable; without similar collective intelligence capabilities and thought leaders that could compel a very un-dynamic industry to change.

Today our offerings are expanding to cover a range of mapping areas (beta signup form will be posted online shortly) and with leading partners in wholesaling and retail industry Altavoz is offering the Future of Supply Chain Management today .

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06/10/2015 Updated.

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